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Now the Wall Street Journal Is Publishing Stories on Snapchat, Too

The Journal is Snapchat's 19th publishing partner in the United States.

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The Wall Street Journal is now publishing content inside the Snapchat app.

The Journal officially launched its Snapchat Discover channel in the U.S. on Wednesday, becoming the 19th publisher to join Discover since it launched one year ago. The Journal is the only real business publication on the service. Re/code first reported that the two sides were partnering back in November.

A traditional business newspaper and a millennial-heavy audience may seem like an odd pairing, but Carla Zanoni, the editor in charge of the Journal’s audience development team, disagrees. The obvious benefit for the Journal is that Snapchat should help the publication reach and retain young readers.

“We’re obviously looking at this as a platform where we can explore delivering news to a new audience,” said Zanoni. “The [Snapchat users] who are really aspirational and entrepreneurial are our next CEOs. They’re the folks who will have a very long-lasting relationship with the Journal, and we’re looking to meet them where they live today.”

For the Journal, which keeps most of its Web content behind a paywall, that means converting young people into paying customers. Zanoni says there won’t be a way to buy a subscription to the Journal within Snapchat, but that the idea has been discussed. Snapchat offers a few in-app purchases, but CEO Evan Spiegel has hinted in the past that Snapchat will get deeper into commerce down the line. This appears to be an obvious opportunity to do just that.

Snapchat should benefit here, too. The company has more than 100 million daily active users, many of whom are young people. Adding a more established brand like the WSJ may appeal to an older audience, too. Plus, the Journal may bring along new advertisers. It’s launching its channel with mineral water brand Perrier as an advertising sponsor.

The Journal, which has a five-person team dedicated to creating Snapchat content, will publish eight items a day, Monday through Friday, said Zanoni.

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