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Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and Conan just made the best Conan sketch in recent memory

Alex Abad-Santos is a senior correspondent who explains what society obsesses over, from Marvel and movies to fitness and skin care. He came to Vox in 2014. Prior to that, he worked at the Atlantic.

If there is a higher being, this new Conan sketch will, in the near future, become the premise of a full-fledged television show. In a round of promotion for their movie Ride Along 2, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube joined Conan and one of his employees, Diana, for a drive around Los Angeles. Diana is working on getting her driver's license, so the clip was filmed in one of those student driver vehicles you drove when you were 15.

The four cruise around the city, and each passenger shares tidbits of information to make Diana's transition into the driving world easy and painless.

"I used to have a tray full of pennies in my cupholder," Hart says, starting to explain what he does to people who cut him off.

"No, batteries." Cube says.

"You throw D batteries at people?" O'Brien asks, before all three encourage Diana to chuck a penny at a fellow driver.

The chemistry among the group is great, making every small moment — whether it's buying weed at dispensary or talking to a cop on a bike — hilarious.

But the best part is the conversation between Conan and Diana in the few minutes before Hart and Cube join them. She's quiet. He's awkward. And there's something magical about watching her roll down her window (manually) to look at the older Asian couple next to her and say, "You're my bitch."

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