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Samsung's New Fridge Can Order Groceries From Its Touchscreen

MasterCard shopping app will launch with support from FreshDirect and ShopRite.


Samsung is really, really eager for you to know about its new smart refrigerator with a ridiculously large touchscreen integrated right into the door. It put up posters early, it posted images early and finally it even put up some PR early. But now it’s officially official, and despite the fact that it looks nothing so much as a huge Android tablet super-glued onto a fridge, it’s actually one of the best implementations of a smart fridge we’ve seen.

The headline feature is a shopping app that’s been created by MasterCard. It lets you buy groceries right from the door, and the intelligent part is that it can combine carts from multiple stores. At launch, you can order from FreshDirect and ShopRite, and MasterCard says that more stores will be added throughout 2016 (you can use any credit card to pay, of course).

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