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The Price Tag for Google's New Enterprise Czar: $380 Million

Diane Greene, a looming figure in the cloud world, didn't come cheap.

Aleksandr Kurganov/Shutterstock

In November, Google scored a major coup by hiring Diane Greene, the esteemed founder of software firm VMware, to lead the search giant’s cloud and enterprise business. With Greene, Google also bought her newest company, Bebop, which makes a development platform for enterprise apps.

Now we know the cost of that coup: $380,241,352. That comes courtesy of an SEC filing on Monday from Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

The price for Greene and her company was paid fully in equity, according to the filing. The document also shows that Greene, a Google (and Alphabet) board member, exchanged over seven million Bebop shares for 200,729 Class C (non-voting) Alphabet shares worth $148.6 million. She’s planning to donate it.

The incoming Google SVP, who will manage a newly formed division selling cloud apps and infrastructure, faces an uphill battle against enterprise titans, notably Microsoft and Amazon.

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