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Looking Back on 2015's Biggest Tech News and Ahead to CES 2016

Wearables, bubbles and the eventual heat death of the universe.

Peter Prato for Re/code

Are Apple’s best days behind it? Is Silicon Valley in a bubble? And can someone please suggest a good reason to buy a smartwatch?

These were just a few of the questions that drove the tech news cycle in 2015, and we answered all of them in a special episode of “Re/code Decode,” hosted by Kara Swisher. The Verge’s Lauren Goode and Casey Newton and Re/code’s Noah Kulwin joined Kara to celebrate the new year and think about what’s next.

The full list of topics discussed: When are wearables going to take off? Was 2015 Facebook’s biggest year? What is the state of Silicon Valley’s relationship with Washington, D.C.? Can the mobile-desktop hybrid really replace your laptop or tablet? What does Google’s restructuring into Alphabet mean? Are tech companies responding to the growing wave of online abuse? Did Apple do anything really creative this year? What are the new challenges facing Uber? And seriously, are we in a bubble?

“My favorite thing anybody ever said on Twitter is, ‘Journalists have successfully called 10,000 of the last one bubbles,'” Newton said.

Peter Prato for Re/code

Later in the show, on “Too Embarrassed to Ask,” Kara, Lauren, Casey and Noah previewed CES 2016, which starts this week in Las Vegas. You can tweet your tech-related questions with the hashtag #TETA at @KaraSwisher, @LaurenGoode or @Recode.

Listen to or download the episode in the player above, or click here to subscribe to “Re/code Decode” on iTunes. Peter Kafka will be back in this space on Thursday to talk to Union Square Ventures partner Albert Wenger, and Kara will be back on Monday to talk about gender bias in tech with Trae Vassallo and Michele Madansky.

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