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Content Tax Makes German iPhones, iPads (A Little) More Expensive

But boy were they expensive already.

The Verge
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If you’re reading this in Germany and you waited until the New Year to buy a new iPhone or iPad, your device-to-be just got more expensive.

But not too much more expensive.

Apple has raised prices on its iPhones by five euros ($5.43) and its iPads by seven euros ($7.60) because of a new tax designed to distribute funds to German content makers. Apple confirmed the price hike to the AP today; MacRumors flagged the increase a couple of days ago.

You can also see it for yourself if you click around the German version of the Apple Store and tell Apple that you want to buy a new device. The additional fee is highlighted just before checkout (that’s “Does copyright levies in the amount of 5.00 €,” per Google):

That screenshot also helps illustrate the relative size of the new tax: On a new 64 gigabyte iPhone 6s, the five-euro fee represents 0.6 percent of the purchase price. (Related: It is much more expensive to buy Apple hardware outside of the U.S., which helps explain the demographics at Apple stores in cities like New York.)

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