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Oorah! Jack Dorsey Fires Up Twitter Employees in Epic Pep Rally.

Twitter employees love Twitter!

Kurt Wagner

What do you do when nearly half of your executive team up and quits on the same day, generating a massive media storm and hefty stock dip?

You rally the goddamn troops is what you do.

Twitter hosted Tea Time on Thursday, its biweekly all-hands meeting for company employees at its San Francisco headquarters. We have no idea what CEO Jack Dorsey said, but good lord, did it work. Dorsey, a gifted motivator and public speaker, inspired his fellow tweeps so much that many of them took to Twitter like juiced-up football players to gush about why they’ll never quit the struggling company. Hashtag #oneteam, baby!

"Just people sharing why they love this company and this service," a company spokesperson told us. "We’re hiring!"

(Adam Bain is just so nice!)

Then there’s this guy, who apparently missed the memo on the hashtag. Bad look, fella! (Just kidding, Will!)

One colleague asked me if there were any Twitter trust falls at HQ.

And here’s Techmeme’s Gabe Rivera putting into words what the rest of us felt.

The company needs these tweets, though. Consider the week Twitter had. Four of its most senior executives resigned. On one day. Among them was head of product Kevin Weil, who went to competitor Instagram, a move that personally stung many inside the organization, according to sources.

Twitter still has to convince Wall Street that it’s a company and product with a bright future. But before it can do that, Dorsey had to convince his employees. On Thursday, it appears that he did.

Looks like even some of the departing executives wanted in on the #oneteam action.

If you know what he said, drop me a line!

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