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Twitter's Nathan Hubbard Will Take Over Interim Media Job Amid Executive Changes

Twitter's commerce VP is helping out the media team.

Kurt Wagner

We’re still sifting through the rubble of yesterday’s mass exodus from Twitter in which a number of high-ranking executives announced they were leaving, but a few new roles are already starting to take shape. Among them: Commerce head Nathan Hubbard is taking on more responsibility, at least temporarily.

Hubbard is set to take over the media team in an interim role replacing departing VP of Global Media Katie Stanton, according to multiple sources who say Dorsey emailed the company Sunday night to update them on the news. A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment.

 Nathan Hubbard
Nathan Hubbard

Hubbard’s appointment was a little confusing at first. That’s because in a tweet on Sunday, Dorsey said that COO Adam Bain would be taking on “responsibility … for the Media team.” It’s probable, though, that Bain will still oversee the media team more broadly while Hubbard runs things on a day-to-day basis.

Still, the fact that Twitter does not appear to have permanent replacements ready to step in for any of Sunday’s big departures is emblematic of the chaos that continues to plague the company.

Hubbard joined Twitter in 2013 to lead the company’s commerce initiatives after almost seven years at LiveNation, where he was most recently the top exec at Ticketmaster. As a result, he is tapped in to the entertainment industry, between his time running Ticketmaster and the fact that his home base is Los Angeles. Former ESPN star Bill Simmons, for example, has been known to name-check Hubbard on his podcasts. A large part of Twitter’s media strategy has centered on getting famous people to use the service.

While Hubbard’s team was able to launch several e-commerce products at Twitter, most notably a “Buy” button, those efforts seem to have been on pause as of late. Most recently, Hubbard has been a bit of an executive-at-large, also filling in for Business Development VP Jana Messerschmidt during her recent maternity leave, according to sources.

It’s still unknown who will take over the top media job in the long term. It could still be Hubbard, but industry sources say he has been targeted over the past year for more than one outside CEO role.

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