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Listen: Here's Re/code's Kara Swisher on the Esquire Classic Podcast

"Right now, Steve Jobs is considered an oldster -- 'the legend of.'" Before Jobs, there was Robert Noyce.


Sometimes, it seems as though Silicon Valley has the memory span of a goldfish — today, few in the startup generation would have more than a vague familiarity with the name Robert Noyce.

Cheat sheet if that includes you: Noyce co-created the first microchip and co-founded Intel in 1968. On the latest episode of “The Esquire Classic Podcast,” which revisits classic stories from Esquire magazine, Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher joined host David Brancaccio to talk about Tom Wolfe’s profile of Noyce, first published in 1983.

Here’s the podcast:

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