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Another Twitter Goodbye: Vine Head Jason Toff Out

Change at Twitter. No, really. A lot.


According to sources, Vine head Jason Toff is leaving Twitter.

Re/code had previously reported he was leaving and more sources now confirm that departure.

Too. He joins media head Katie Jacobs Stanton, product VP Kevin Weil and engineering leader Alex Roetter in what we can only describe as a Twittermageddon.

Update: Toff hasn’t said publicly where he’s headed next, but one source tells Re/code he’s going to Google to work on the company’s new virtual reality unit. The New York Times also reported this.

Update (Again): Toff tweeted Sunday night to confirm he’s leaving Vine and headed to Google.
And here we thought we were going to watch football all day. Not so!

All joking aside, it is a major executive upheaval at the company, part of a planned and also unplanned attempt by CEO Jack Dorsey to turn around the company.

Earlier this year in an interview with Re/code, Toff said he had the support of Dorsey for his efforts at Vine, the video app.

“Jack’s been a huge advocate. We’ve been lucky in that [former CEO Dick Costolo has] been really supportive and now Jack’s been equally if not more supportive. Jack was one of the advocates for Twitter acquiring Vine in the first place so he has a history with Vine. I shared some of our plans with him for next year just last week and he’s very excited about it.”

There have been rumblings of the changes for weeks now inside the San Francisco social communications company. Sources said Twitter is planning to announce the shuffle tomorrow, along with the hire of a prominent CMO.

In any case, we’ll know tomorrow, along with how Twitter is planning on positioning all these key departures. In the past, unlike other companies, it has sometimes been publicly rough on those leaving.

More changes are likely, including an expected turnover of its board in the next quarter. Sources said that at least one was a well known media personality.

Also coming soon, a new head of PR, a job now being done by general counsel Vijaya Gadde.

The timing of the executive changes is interesting, too, since Twitter is set to hold an executive retreat this week in San Francisco with the company’s top brass. (Re/code is not invited, but we will be Vining the proceedings from the heating ducts.)

Along with that, the company’s stock has plummeted recently to well below its offering price.

That has prompted speculation as to whether it might get bought. So far, that is not happening, but the continued changes at the company have not helped its prospects.

We’ll see tomorrow how it all shakes out with investors — and inside the company, too.

Twitter and Vine spokespeople declined comment, which we think is probably a good idea right about now.

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