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How to Watch Sunday's NFL Conference Championship Games on Your Phone, Tablet or Streaming Device

You're out of luck if you want to watch on your phone and aren't a Verizon customer.

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Sunday is a big football day. Which means it’s likely going to be a big video streaming day. But since it’s 2016 and the TV Industrial Complex still controls how we watch a lot of live sports, you might not know where you can find the games online and what you need to do to access them. Here’s some help.

AFC Championship Game

Online viewers can watch the Patriots-Broncos game by going to on their PCs or tablets at 3:05 pm ET. Viewers can also access the game through the CBS Sports app on tablet computers and on these TV streaming devices: Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Android TV and Chromecast. No cable TV subscription is necessary, but these options aren’t available for streaming on a phone.

If you’re a Verizon Wireless subscriber, however, you’re in luck. Verizon customers are the only ones who can use the NFL Mobile app to watch the game for free on their phones.

NFC Championship Game

Fox makes things a little more difficult for those who want to watch the NFC battle between the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals at 6:40 pm ET. Viewers can watch by using the Fox Sports Go app on their PCs, tablets, Android TV or Amazon Fire TV devices. But there’s a catch: You need to be a pay TV subscriber to log in to the app and view the game.

Again, the above options aren’t available to people who want to watch the game on their phones. But again, if you’re a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you can watch this game for free on your phone using the NFL Mobile app.

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