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This Video From the Paris Terror Attacks Was the Most-Watched Vine of 2015

A look at the year's top Vine content.

Christopher Furlong / Getty

To celebrate its third anniversary this coming Sunday, Vine on Friday rolled out a list of the 10 most-played videos from its service over the past 12 months.

The most popular Vine: A short clip from the November soccer match between France and Germany during which you can hear a bomb explode just outside the stadium, the beginning of what would become one of the worst terror attacks in a decade. That video, which was included in numerous media reports, has looped more than 328 million times since November, more than twice as many loops as any other video on the list.

Here’s the video, which requires sound.

A six-second Vine typically feels like an entertainment destination, a place where humor and music often steal the show. But the popularity of this video shows that major news events can still cut through the noise, even on platforms primarily used for fun.

That lightheartedness was on display throughout the rest of the top-10 list. Apparently, children are the key to Vine success. Half of the top 10 videos starred kids who are most likely still in elementary school, proving once again that having a small human say or do funny things into a camera can be the fastest way to Internet fame.

Here’s the full list below. A small note on how loops are counted: A video’s total loop count includes plays from third-party sites — that is, when Vine videos are embedded and played on websites, like these below, those loops count toward their total.










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