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The Weeds: campaign finance and global inequality — with lead poisoning in between

There's an important idea at the core of Bernie Sanders's campaign, one that was on full display at the last Democratic debate. The Vermont senator argues that the true source of congressional dysfunction isn't polarization at all. Instead, he says, it's money: Big interests have enough power to sway both parties in either direction.

On this week's episode of The Weeds, Ezra, Matt, and I pick apart Sanders's argument, thinking about recent legislation in Congress and the role of large interests.

We also take some time to discuss Flint, Michigan's lead poisoning crisis and how it signals a much larger problem in the United States. And, last but not least, we feature one paper we actually didn't think was that great — and explain why. Enjoy! As always, you can subscribe to us on iTunes right here.

Show notes: