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Amazon's Clothing Selection Is Now Bigger Than 250 Walmart Supercenters Combined

The company's clothing selection is now bigger than its electronics catalogue.

When you think about shopping on Amazon, you probably don’t think about clothing. Amazon is trying to change that.

The number of items listed on Amazon in apparel and accessories categories has soared 91 percent over the last year to 30 million items as of the 2015 holiday season, according to analysts at the investment bank R.W. Baird. That’s the equivalent of the total number of items — not just clothing — sold in around 250 Walmart supercenters combined. It’s also a bigger selection than Amazon’s electronics catalogue.

Here’s what that growth looks like over the past two years:

And here’s how that growth stacks up against other categories on Amazon:

Why the big push in clothing? The clothing and accessories industry is about a $250 billion market in the U.S., still in large part owned by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. But Amazon is making up ground. By next year, Amazon could pass Macy’s to become the No. 1 seller of clothing in the U.S., according to projections by equity research analysts Cowen and Company.

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