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T-Pain Shows Us How to Use the New GarageBand

The new iPad version of the app adds an interface called Live Loops -- basically GarageBand's take on a MIDI controller.

The Verge

T-Pain is bent over an iPad, dancing and tapping the screen to send glimmering electronic beats through huge speakers and out into the hallway of his home. We’re down in T-Pain’s basement studio, in a room filled with giant control boards, cases of equipment and everything you’d need to put together a radio hit. But the only studio equipment T-Pain is using is his speakers — all the better to blast out the music he’s putting together in GarageBand.

T-Pain works with Apple to promote GarageBand, and I’m here at his house, just outside Atlanta, Ga., to see what he can do with the app’s latest iteration. He’s been playing around with an update to GarageBand for the past week that few other people have access to. The new iPad version adds an interface called Live Loops. It’s basically GarageBand’s take on a MIDI controller, and it should make getting started with music creation much easier.

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