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Making a Murderer's creators have finally responded to criticisms of missing evidence


Netflix's Making a Murderer has come under a lot of internet scrutiny. Critics claim that the true crime documentary, which chronicles the story of murder suspect Steven Avery, left out a lot of evidence and misrepresented some people, including Jodi Stachowski, Avery's ex-fiancée.

Now the documentary's creators have responded to those criticisms.

Before we start, if you want to get caught up on the discussion surrounding the documentary and all the missing evidence, read Vox's explainer. This post only covers the creators' response.

With that out of the way, here's what they said in a big tweetstorm on Wednesday, January 20.

Why didn't Making a Murderer include the evidence found under the hood of murder victim Teresa Halbach's car?

Why is Jodi Stachowski, Avery's ex-fiancée, now speaking out against the documentary? And is it true that footage of her was used without her permission?

Why didn't the documentary include Teresa Halbach's alleged complaints about Avery prior to her death?

Making a Murderer's creators want people to focus on the systemic issues exposed by the documentary, not just the little details

For more on Making a Murderer, read Vox's explainer.

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