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Here's the First Episode of Our Newest Podcast, 'Too Embarrassed to Ask'

Life's a Peach after CES.

Vjeran Pavic for Re/code

Who had the worst press conference at CES? What debuted at the show that you might actually want to buy? And will anyone be using Peach by next week?

Kara Swisher, Lauren Goode and special guest Casey Newton from The Verge discuss all this and more in the first-ever episode of our new podcast, "Too Embarrassed to Ask."

"When I was sitting in the trailer at CES, I told our engagement editor, ‘We need to go grab our username on Peach,’" Newton said. "You never know!"

"I actually already grabbed a username on Peach for my future unborn children," Goode said.

Vjeran Pavic for Re/code

Listen to or download the episode in the player above, or click here to subscribe to "Too Embarrassed to Ask" on iTunes. Kara and Lauren will be back in this space next Friday to answer your burning tech questions, so send them to us! Tweet @Recode, @KaraSwisher and @LaurenGoode with the hashtag #AskRecode.

And if you didn’t already know, we have two other podcasts you will love. "Re/code Decode," which comes out every Monday and Thursday, features interviews led by Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher and Senior Editor Peter Kafka with the leading movers and shakers in tech and media. Click here to subscribe to "Re/code Decode" on iTunes.

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