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Carly Fiorina: Unlike Clinton, "I actually love spending time with my husband"

In her opening statement at the Republican undercard debate, Carly Fiorina came out swinging against Hillary Clinton in a shocking, personal way.

"Unlike another woman in this race," Fiorina said, "I actually love spending time with my husband."

Fiorina may have been demoted from the main stage to the undercard debate in the GOP primary, but she's still taking shots at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. And she's still not shying away from gender issues.

But in the last debate, she attacked misogyny by mentioning that she had been called "every b-word in the book." In this one, she indulged in misogyny herself — with a truly ugly attack that's just like the ones Clinton has been fighting off for decades, ever since her husband's sex scandals came to light.

And not only is it ugly, there's also no particular reason to believe it's true:

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