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Media Layoffs Season Getting You Down? Watch Fusion’s 2013 Musical Press Release.

2013 was a different time.

Fusion via YouTube

Today, Al Jazeera announced that it was shutting down its American operations, which could end up putting more than 700 journalists out of work. Action sports camera company and burgeoning content maker GoPro’s stock fell almost 30 percent on the news of weak sales numbers and a 7 percent workforce reduction.

Media layoffs season has been in full swing for some time now, and investment in and spending across the industry has been slowing since at least last summer. But enough about the bad stuff — let’s look back to a better time, when major media companies literally produced musical press releases.

In October of 2013, the millennial-oriented ABC and Univision venture Fusion was finally launching. The buzzed-about project emerged that month, publishing a sit-down interview between journalist Jorge Ramos and President Obama, and a musical press release heralding the site’s unveiling. You can watch the musical below.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Fusion directed Re/code to this BuzzFeed post from the time of launch, which notes that the musical was co-scripted by @TweetOfGod Twitter account operator and former “Daily Show” writer David Javerbaum.

Since its launch, Fusion has struggled to develop its audience, both online and for its cable TV channel. A New York Times report from last year described a “masculine and raucous office culture inside the organization,” particularly in its Miami headquarters. Late last month, news broke that Disney was in talks to sell its stake in Fusion to its co-investor Univision, for whom Fusion is reportedly a key element of its digital strategy.

(Update: A Fusion representative reached out to pass along a company memo with more up-to-date audience figures than last year’s Times report.)

Fusion is still prioritizing video content, well after its debut more than two years ago. For example, the company yesterday premiered its “Real Future” TV show, which told the story of a revenge-porn operator in Dayton, Ohio.

Thanks to Sean for sending this our way.

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