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Take a Good Look Around Los Angeles's Future NFL Stadium

The stadium site is a dirt pit where work has already begun on the project.

With the votes of 30 very rich people, the Rams have been given permission to return to Los Angeles after two decades, along with the monopolistic, abuse-covering, concussion lovers at the NFL. Yay. And it’s much more than a few dozen players and a handful of Super Bowls they’re bringing with them: Rams owner Stan Kroenke, known for his ruthlessness, has already broken ground on a huge stadium complex on the former site of the Hollywood Park racetrack, adjacent to an enormous mixed-use development that will include housing, office space, retail, a hotel and a lake (altogether it covers about 300 acres), which Kroenke is co-developing with Stockbridge Capital Group.

Work has already begun on the project, the stadium site is a dirt pit, and in December the LA Times reported that “If developers get the green light from the league, they say, stadium construction can begin within a couple of weeks.” This will be the building football fans across the U.S. think of when they think of Los Angeles, so let’s take a tour, shall we?

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