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Spotify Adds 'Behind the Lyrics' Playlists, Powered by Lyrics Site Genius

The streaming-music site is hoping to distinguish itself and outpace Apple Music.


Spotify likes playlists, and it thinks you do, too.

Today, Spotify is rolling out its newest feature: “Behind the Lyrics” playlists put together by the Wikipedia-but-for-music service Genius. Users on iPhones will be able to look at cards with tweets from the artists, news snippets, song lyrics and other related material.

selena gomez spotify behind the lyrics geniusThis week, Spotify listeners can peruse lyrics and annotations of songs on the “Behind the Lyrics (Hip Hop)” playlist, information supplied by Genius. Also available today are customized playlists from rapper Pusha T, DJ Diplo and singer Tinashe. Next week, Spotify will be launching a “Behind the Lyrics (Hits)” playlist for Top 40-style music.

In July, Spotify added the “Discover” music playlist, a personalized set of songs put together by a computer that analyzes what users listen to. Tech bloggers, and presumably a lot of Spotify customers, really like “Discover.”

Spotify is locked in a battle with on-demand listening rival Apple Music for premium subscribers who pay $10 a month to listen to on-demand music without ads. Last June, Spotify said it had around 20 million paid subscribers, and news recently dropped that Apple Music had broken the 10 million subscriber mark.

Features like “Discover Weekly” or “Behind the Lyrics” playlists are one way in which Spotify is trying to distinguish itself, while Apple has invested heavily in efforts like its Beats 1 Internet radio service.

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