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David Bowie, remembered in 9 songs that sampled him

The incredible legacy that David Bowie left behind after he died late Sunday night is so large, it's hard to document in a single way. His gender-fluid performances, a space cover of "Space Oddity," his role in the fall of the Berlin Wall — we've written a lot about Bowie here at Vox. If you're newer to his music, here are 13 songs that defined him.

One thing that will always travel forward now that David Bowie is gone is his music. Countless celebrities shared their thoughts about his influence yesterday, but we can also document his influence by looking at artists who quoted him or sampled his music.

Of course, the video above is nowhere near a complete documentation of Bowie samples. For even more, you can check out the incredible resource Who Sampled, which inspired a few of the choices in the video and lists hundreds more.

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