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No, Apple Is Not Working to Make It Easier to Switch From iPhone to Android

The company denies a report it is building a tool to take photos, music and contacts over to Android.

Photo Illustration by Tyler Pina

Apple is flat-out denying a report it is working on software to make it easier for iPhone owners to transfer their data to an Android device.

Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported that, amid pressure from European wireless providers, Apple was developing a tool to allow people to more easily move their contacts, photos and music over to an Android device.

“There is no truth to this rumor,” an Apple representative told Re/code. “We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great.”

Indeed, Apple released its first Android app to help make it easier for Android owners to move to iPhones. It has since released Apple Music for Android, but likely did so in order to be competitive with other music services that work on all manner of devices.

Of course, what Apple wants and what regulators could someday force it to do is another matter. In Europe, for example, Apple has been forced by regulations to include with the iPhone an adaptor that allows it to be charged using a Micro-USB cable.

The one area where Apple has done some work to make it easier to leave the iPhone is around iMessage, Apple’s tool for text messaging.

Many Android converts found it well nigh impossible to get their text messages from Apple users after moving off of an iPhone. Apple has taken some steps to make this process easier after being sued over the issue.

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