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The 2016 Golden Globes’ most handsome moment: Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are charming AF

Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling appeared at the 2016 Golden Globes to present the clips package for their film The Big Short, which was nominated for four prizes, including Best Motion Picture — Comedy. (The movie would come up empty-handed in all four categories.)

Pitt and Gosling were mostly there to look handsome — which they did in style.

Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes.
Now these are two wholesome and handsome fellows!

As a bonus, they engaged in some fun banter involving Gosling's belief that he was going to present The Big Short all by his lonesome, until Pitt showed up to steal his thunder.

Gosling: It's fine. You know, obviously, I have been recast into some kind of Joe Biden, Andy Richter, Robin-type role. I'm here for the movies.

Pitt: I'm here to support you.

Gosling: Take the high road, I look petty. Classic Brad. It's just classic, classic Brad.

In addition to being charming and handsome, Pitt and Gosling are also skilled at being funny. It's something of a wonder the two haven't been cast in a wild, road-trip buddy comedy by now. If the clip above is any indication, they would handle such a project just about perfectly. Go watch it, then dream of what might be.

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