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The new Apple Pencil is something Steve Jobs would have hated

As part of Wednesday's announcement of the new iPad ProApple announced the release of a new input device — Apple Pencil — essentially a high-performance stylus designed for use on the new larger screen.

Longtime Apple watchers couldn't help but by reminded of Steve Jobs's original introduction of the iPhone, during which he had some rather scathing remarks about this kind of thing:

It's far from clear whether this new iPad Pro will be a popular product, but the fact that Apple is coming out with the Pencil strikes me as a sign of health at the company. The absolute worst thing that could happen to a big company whose iconic founder passed away would be to have everyone looking over their shoulder worrying about what Steve Jobs would say about it or, even worse, what other people will say Steve Jobs would say about it.

This was reportedly Jobs's last parting advice to Tim Cook — don't spend your time thinking about what I would do — and the Pencil is a big sign that his advice has been taken to heart.

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