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New York Times' Baquet on Tech Strategy: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Baquet doesn't Vine.

Alex Ulreich for Re/code

It was a showdown between executive editor and executive editor at An Evening with Code/Media at Steelcase WorkLife Center in New York, as Re/code’s Kara Swisher challenged the New York Times’ Dean Baquet about his social media use, or lack thereof.

Swisher: Do you use Twitter?

Baquet: No — maybe twice.

Swisher: Facebook?

Baquet: I’m active on Facebook.

Swisher: Snapchat?

Baquet: No.

Swisher: Periscope?

Baquet: No.

Swisher: Vine?

Baquet: No.

Swisher: Meerkat?

Baquet: No.

Swisher: Do you write long letters with feathered pens?

Baquet: I have an electric typewriter.

Swisher: I ask because the sense is that today if you’re leading a newspaper into the future, you have to understand social media, and to understand it, you have to use it. Don’t you think that’s true?

Baquet: I don’t think that’s true. The job of a modern news editor is to lead a newsroom in coverage, and leadership is the most important asset. The most important thing I can do every day is to come in and talk to reporters and editors, and to be perfectly frank, anything that I do other than that is secondary.

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