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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Explains How He Made LinkedIn Into a Content Giant on 'Re/code Decode'

Also: LinkedIn's strategy in China, when Yahoo was relevant and more.

Tyler Pina / Re/code

Since launching in 2002, LinkedIn has gone from being a social network for professionals to an all-in-one public resume crafting service, business recruiting tool and content platform.

CEO Jeff Weiner says this was his plan all along.

On this week’s "Re/code Decode" podcast, Weiner tells Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher that for anyone who bothered to look, there has always been great potential at LinkedIn.

"If you think about Facebook as a social graph, Twitter as an interest graph, then LinkedIn was founded as a professional graph," Weiner said.

Weiner also talked China ("You’ve got to comply with the law in these markets. We’re focused on creating economic opportunity.") and investment frothiness in tech ("I think these companies are gonna be around for awhile, I think they’re delivering serious value."). Later on, Walt Mossberg dives deep into apps for work, and Ina Fried unpacks the economics of wearables.

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