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Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump Have Something Else in Common

Hopefully this is one of the only things.

Vanity Fair

Who knew Mark Zuckerberg could look so … cool?

The Facebook CEO tops the list and made the cover of Vanity Fair’s annual New Establishment issue*, where the magazine highlights “titans from the worlds of media, business, politics, and entertainment.”

Vanity Fair

Zuckerberg — who rocked his standard gray t-shirt and jeans — has been on numerous magazine covers over the years (Wired, TIME, Fortune). The significance of this one? He’s the first businessman to grace VF’s New Establishment issue in the past 20 years. The last man to do it is running for President and has more interesting hair.

But while Donald Trump was on the cover in part because of his then-wife Marla and the couple’s new baby, Zuckerberg is taking the honors for building a product that about a billion people use every single day.

Also of note: Re/code bosses Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg made the 2015 Hall of Fame!

* Re/code Senior Editor Peter Kafka contributed to the list.

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