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New York Ad Agency to Apple: Find Another Name for the iPhone 6s

Ad agency 6S Marketing says it has been using the name 6S for the last 15 years.

6S Marketing

One advertising agency has taken to the streets of New York to demand Apple rename the next version of its iPhone.

According to Apple’s naming conventions, the next iPhone, expected to be announced on Wednesday, is likely to be called the iPhone 6s — just like the ad agency 6S Marketing. The agency bought space on a Times Square billboard and a mobile billboard parked in front of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York City to ask Apple to “Please call it the iPhone 7.”

President Chris Breikss acknowledged that’s not likely to happen days before the scheduled Sept. 9 unveiling in San Francisco. Nor are consumers likely to confuse the digital agency with one of the world’s biggest companies. This just presented an opportunity to bring attention to 6S’s marketing chops.

“That’s why we put up the gaudy billboard in Times Square,” Breikss said. “The whole idea was to be a little bit campy and over the top. And it was an opportunity to showcase what a guerrilla campaign would look like — and not offend anyone too much.”

We’ll let you know if Apple has anything to say about this.

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