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Study Concludes the Obvious: SF Tech Workers Have Trouble Affording Housing

Living near the office chews up a big chunk of income.

A view of downtown San Francisco seen through one of the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. compassandcamera / iStock

In findings that will surprise very few, a study commissioned by the apartment search company RadPad and recruiting service Anthology says that making rent is tough even for well-paid tech engineers.

Specifically, the study looked at what engineers at places like Uber, Airbnb, Square, Google and Salesforce make and how much of their after-tax salaries they have to shell out to live close to their offices (they used the median one-bedroom prices within a .5 mile radius of company headquarters). They detail their findings in a graphic and in a blog provocatively titled: “Employees are paying THIS much to live next to unicorns in SF?”

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