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Google Plans to Unveil Its Version of 'Instant Articles' Next Week

The open source tool from Google and Twitter is coming.

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Three weeks ago, we told you about plans Google was hatching to launch a publishing tool to serve up articles on mobile devices. It would look similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles feature, only Google would cull articles from cached versions on search, rather than hosting it themselves, and would release it as an open source tool to other platforms. Its first big platform partner was Twitter.

Earlier today, Google sent out an invite for a press event in New York next Wednesday for “a new open source initiative for the mobile Web.” Presumably, that’s when we’ll hear more details about the program, like which publishers are signed up and, just maybe, the business terms of the arrangements.

Thus far, the New York Times and the Guardian have said they will be partners. Along with Facebook, the new service is set to compete with publishing pushes from Snapchat and Apple.

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