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Don't Look Now, but Your Facebook Profile Pic ... It's Moving

Need a new Facebook profile pic? Make it a profile video instead.


Facebook profile pictures are so 2014.

The social network is redesigning user profiles beginning Wednesday, and perhaps the biggest change — or the one that promises to be the most entertaining or obnoxious depending on the friend — is that users can now upload a profile video instead of a static photo.

The videos loop, and now appear smack-dab in the middle of the profile page (so do profile photos, if you want to stick with something a little more old school). In either instance, the size of the photo or video is now bigger, and there’s a new place to add a short, public bio right below your profile photo. You can also now set your profile picture temporarily, meaning you can set a timer on your photo so it only displays for a set period of time, like while you are on vacation, for example.

There are a few reasons Facebook may be tweaking profiles. For starters, user profiles are a popular destination; the company said people visit profiles four billion times each day, so it’s in Facebook’s best interest to keep them fresh and interesting. It has also been pushing video content for well over a year, and profile videos give users an easy excuse to keep uploading video and familiarize themselves with the process if they haven’t done so before.

You may not have access to the new profile features just yet. Facebook is rolling them out to small groups of users in California and the U.K. before pushing the design out more broadly. And while you’ll be able to see the new profile from anywhere (including the Web), you can only upload profile videos from an iOS device. Sorry again, Android users.

If a profile video sounds like fun to you, here’s a promo video Facebook made that explains how you can actually create one of these things on your own profile:

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