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Scott Walker's new ad just makes him look even more like Tim Pawlenty

The case for Scott Walker in the GOP primary is pretty simple. He has the most consistently conservative record of any candidate this side of Ted Cruz, and having won three gubernatorial elections in Wisconsin, he's both well-qualified and electable. His big problem is that he's really boring.

It's a problem the pro-Walker Super PAC Unintimidated is trying to solve with this new ad, which casts Walker's 2011 showdown with Wisconsin's civilian public sector labor unions as a kind of awesome, exciting action movie:

The problem, as we saw the last time a boring Midwestern governor looked like a strong GOP candidate on paper, is that the more amped up your video content gets, the more it sends the dullness of the candidate into stark relief.

Meet Tim Pawlenty's frenetic campaign video from 2012:

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: What Walker needs to do is attack Jeb Bush.

An attack is, by definition, not boring. Walker needs to say that Jeb is less conservative than he is and that Jeb is less electable than he is, and that Republicans would be foolish to trot out the tired Bush brand to do battle with Hillary Clinton. Then Bush would hit back, and people would write stories about how Walker and Bush are fighting. In other words: People would be paying attention to Scott Walker. Right now, they aren't.

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