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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review

Last year's tech in this year's tablet.

Vjeran Pavic

Things are getting awkward in tablet land. On the consumer side, we’ve run out of ideas; maybe we use them to watch video, “babysit” our kids, or travel with them when it’s too annoying to carry a laptop. On the business front, computer makers have been desperate to make tablets work, to the point where they’re creating half-laptop, hingey hybrid things — some with styluses.

Which puts tablet makers in a tough spot when it comes to upgrade cycles, because people aren’t buying new tablets nearly as often as they buy new smartphones. And yet, people have come to expect some of the impressive features that come with new smartphones.

That’s exactly the case with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2, which is an upgrade from last year’s Galaxy Tab S and is now the company’s newest flagship tablet.

The question, then, is whether or not the Tab S2 can play the role.

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