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Here's Daniel Radcliffe as One of the Creators of Grand Theft Auto (Video)

Harry, who are these new friends and what happened to Ron and Hermione?

In the Grand Theft Auto video games, the only rule is “don’t get caught.” The real world can be a bit messier, as the first trailer for a drama about the blockbuster game series shows.

The TV movie, which bears the lazy title “The Gamechangers,” stars Daniel Radcliffe of “Harry Potter” fame as Sam Houser, the president of Rockstar Games who directed the GTA series’ transition to 3-D and increasing levels of political controversy. Bill Paxton also stars as American attorney Jack Thompson, who crusaded against sex and violence in video games starting in the late 1990s, before being disbarred in 2008.

Here’s a 30-second ad for “The Gamechangers”:

Real talk for a second, because it’s not in the trailer: I am mentally preparing to be disappointed if Bill Paxton doesn’t get a chance to yell, “Game over, man!”

Grand Theft Auto publisher and Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, sued the BBC in May over the film, disclaiming that it had no involvement in its production and didn’t want its trademarks abused.

“The Gamechangers” debuts in the U.K. on BBC Two on Sept. 15. There’s no word yet on when it will be legally available elsewhere.

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