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You Can Now Buy Star Wars' Adorable BB-8 Droid

These are the droids you're looking for.

As I write this, holed up in a small office, I can hear a quiet whirr going to and fro on the floor. Actually, it’s more of a quiet whirrfollowed by a less quiet thunk as plastic meets plaster wall, followed by a brief intermission where my aural focus shifts to the various emotive beeps emanating from my phone’s speaker.

This may be the oddest way to “enjoy” a toy — it’s certainly one of the most passive — but Sphero’s BB-8 isn’t a toy so much as it is a very simple robot performer with Pixar-esque aspirations. The $149.99 droid will go on sale starting this Friday at Apple’s retail stores, Best Buy, and Sphero’s own website (don’t worry, it’s Android compatible, too). That’s a pretty hefty price tag, but Sphero’s BB-8 is offering something few Star Wars toys have been able to pull off: It captures the personality of the droid, and it speaks volumes to where Sphero wants to try and push robotics in the future.

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