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Hands-On With Google's New Nexus 6P Smartphone

From a pure hardware perspective, Google has made some impressive strides.

The Verge

Last year’s Nexus 6 smartphone from Google and Motorola lived up to its name: With its six-inch display, it outsized almost all other phablets in fashion at the time, including the new iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

This year’s model bears a similar-sounding name, but it’s a very different phone. The just-announced Nexus 6P, made in partnership with Chinese phone maker Huawei this time, has a different display size, a bigger battery and a camera that puts it up there with other flagship models. The answer to the oft-asked question — why is it that Google makes Nexus phones, again? — suddenly becomes a little clearer when you consider that hardware like this is meant to show off the best of what Android can do.

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