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Tim Cook Says Enterprise Is a $25 Billion Annual Business for Apple

Re/code will have live coverage of the talk, which starts at 9 am PT.


Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t do a lot of interviews, though he has been making the rounds to promote the new iPhone.

On Tuesday, though, Cook is sitting down with Box CEO Aaron Levie at the company’s BoxWorks convention in San Francisco. Levie is known for his comedic stylings on Twitter in addition to running a hip enterprise company, so it should be fun times.

Update: And it was. Cook shared a few details on the company’s enterprise efforts, which is now a $25 billion annual business (for the 12 months ending in June).

“This is not a hobby,” Cook said. “This is a real business.”


Levie didn’t get much on new products, but did get Cook to say Apple is not working on an airplane. Cook said the company is just getting started in lots of areas, including the watch and television.

“We know where we want to go in TV,” Cook said.

And Cook said that Apple has no plans to merge iOS and the Mac operating systems, though it does want to make it easy to move from one device to another.

Cook also talked about Apple’s role in social issues, including the environment, education and LGBT equality.

See below for the full highlights:

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