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Twitter Is Still Trying to Teach Advertisers How to Tweet

Advice: Use more numbers and don't YELL.

Re/code illustration; Image: Alexandr Dubovitskiy / Thinkstock

Twitter wants its advertisers to be successful — the better their ads, the more likely they are to keep giving Twitter money. So Twitter likes to teach these advertisers how to tweet, and it shared a few new pearls of the wisdom on Tuesday designed to help advertisers collect more downloads for the apps they pay to promote.

The keys to getting that extra download: Be casual (use the terms “you” and “your”), use numbers to highlight specific prices or discounts and refrain from tweeting in all caps like an obnoxious Twitter screamer. All of these tweaks increase app downloads and lower the cost that advertisers pay for those new users, according to Twitter. Offering people discounts works particularly well, it turns out, lowering the “cost per install” by 67 percent.

These suggestions aren’t rocket science, but it’s in Twitter’s best interest to get advertisers tweeting the “right” way. In addition to making the company more money, it creates a better experience for users who won’t flee because of a few bad ads.

It’s worth noting, though, that this is the second time Twitter has offered advice specifically for direct-response ads, a relatively new ad type that underperformed for the company back in Q1. This probably means advertisers still aren’t getting it, at least not entirely, which explains why Twitter is trying to help them out.

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