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These 11 actors play more than 100 Simpsons characters

We compiled clips of 119 recurring characters into a comprehensive guide to the voice actors of The Simpsons:

The Simpsons just entered its 27th season and has been renewed for a 28th. As the longest-running primetime scripted series on television, The Simpsons has produced hundreds of characters, each with a different voice — but not necessarily a different actor. That's because each of the principal actors on the show voices multiple characters, in some cases dozens of them.

When Homer and Grampa Simpson interact on the show, for instance, that's Dan Castellaneta talking to himself. Women actors voice most of the children in the show, including Bart Simpson, who has been played by Nancy Cartwright from the beginning. And more than 25 Simpsons characters come from Hank Azaria, ranging from the hillbilly Cletus Spuckler to the Italian chef Luigi Risotto.

In an interview with Larry King, Azaria said he started doing impressions when he was a kid: "I thought everybody could mimic things. I only realized it was a marketable skill when I was, like, 18 years old."

Their unique talents earn the main cast members around $300,000 per episode — up from $30,000 per episode in the 1990s. Since the show began in 1989, many of the actors have won Emmy Awards for their performances. Check out our video above to see why.


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