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The Fast, Furry Rise of the Instagram-Famous Pet

As humans have moved en masse onto social media, so have our pets.

Emmy Park for Racked

I’m supposed to meet Chloe on the terrace of a Park Avenue Le Pain Quotidien one August afternoon, but like any good starlet, she’s running a little late. Something about attending a graduation.

By the time she shows up, I already have a coffee on the table. Loni Edwards — call her Chloe’s boss, personal assistant, maybe even mom — leads her in. Chloe is wearing a shirt that bears her name and a spiky collar gifted to her by Jimmy Choo for a Vogue event; she jumps immediately into my lap, ignoring Edwards completely.

Coquettish? It’s not the usual treatment you get from a celebrity, I’ll say that much. But Chloe isn’t your average ingénue.

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