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'Re/code Decode': EVP Peggy Johnson on the Deals Microsoft Is Making to Secure Its Future

She's focused on persuading Silicon Valley that "it's absolutely a different Microsoft," selling Satya Nadella's vision for the company.


Last summer, Microsoft hired away Qualcomm veteran Peggy Johnson to lead its partnerships and acquisition strategy.

Since joining Microsoft, the company bought the popular calendar app Sunrise and purchased the email service Accompli, using it to relaunch Outlook’s mobile app to rave reviews. Johnson doesn’t just handle acquisitions; as she explains it on this week’s "Re/code Decode" podcast with Kara Swisher, she’s also working to make Microsoft "Silicon Valley’s best friend."

Johnson’s portfolio is critical, as she leads the process of buying the startups and developing the relationships that will let Microsoft tap into new markets. She’s focused on persuading Silicon Valley that "it’s absolutely a different Microsoft," selling CEO Satya Nadella’s vision for the company.

Johnson also has to be paying close attention to the acquisition market, and she explains on the podcast why she thinks "there’s a bit of a bubble" in the tech industry and why she’s a big fan of certain startups, including Slack and Uber.

Later on in the episode, The Verge’s Lauren Goode walks through the economics of digital media, and Mark Bergen explains why tech companies care about cars and why car companies care about tech.

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