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Instagram Is Still Really Big, Now Has 400 Million Users

Steady as she goes.

Instagram just keeps on growing. The photo-sharing network announced Tuesday that it has reached 400 million users, up from 300 million just nine months ago. It also took the company nine months to jump from 200 million to 300 million users, so it’s growth has been pretty consistent over the past two years. Roughly 75 percent of those users are outside the United States.

Some analysts believe that Instagram could be a $5 billion business someday, and this audience is a huge reason why. Instagram ads are getting more targeted and more plentiful, and Instagram’s continued growth means there are (and will continue to be) more people to see those ads. Facebook doesn’t break out Instagram revenue numbers, but analyst firm MoffettNathanson predicted just last week that Instagram will bring in $600 million in revenue over the next year.

It’s also a reminder — in case you forgot — that Facebook has one of the most impressive consumer app collections on the planet right now, with Messenger (700 million users), WhatsApp (900 million) and now Instagram.

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