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Transgender woman live-tweets her expulsion from Orlando airport

Shadi Petosky, a transgender woman, was detained unexpectedly at the Orlando airport on Monday after the TSA allegedly decided that her genitalia didn't match up to their (mis)perceptions about gender. The TSA had yet to release a statement by the time that comedian Tig Notaro's account (which is often run by others) tweeted to her 39,000 followers to watch Petosky's tweets.

Below is Petosky's personal account of what happened, organized from her first tweet to most recent as of publishing. She expresses frustration, confusion, and outright indignation about the treatment she received by the TSA and police officers, who asked her at one point what her sex was.

It became increasingly difficult for Petosky to continue to tweet from her account

Petosky ironically took a survey about TSA treatment following the difficult ordeal

It's after missing her flight that Petosky had to re-book

Then she was allegedly asked to leave the airport

After missing her flight and being asked to leave, someone instructed Petosky to get herself "together"

Petosky was put on stand by for future flights

The delays caused Petosky plenty of stress and possibly money

Petosky retained her sense of humor, though

It's at this point that an American Airlines manager (or someone reporting to be one) suggested she request "private screenings"

Concerningly, Petosky was tweeted at by American Airlines about her rebooked flight, which she had yet to confirm for herself. Follow Petosky's Twitter account for further updates.

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