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The inevitable “sexy Donald Trump" Halloween costume is just as terrible as you imagine

It is officially Halloween Costume Season. That means it's also Insultingly Lame "Sexy" Halloween Costume for Women Season (which Vox has been assiduously covering since 2014).

So the "sexy Donald Trump" costume was probably inevitable. But did it really need to be called — we are not making this up — Donna T. Rumpshaker?

Donna T. Rumpshaker screenshot

Donna T. Rumpshaker. (Screenshot via

The costume itself is the sort of thing that Donald Trump might call "classy." It doesn't have much gold or marble, but it does have a pair of extremely, extremely short hot pants:



The price, however, is definitely not classy at all. The suit costs $70. That doesn't include the "Comb Over Politician" wig (another $10). Then there's the "Making America Great" trucker hat ($8), which echoes Trump's slogan of "Making America Great Again" without running into copyright issues from the famously litigious Trump empire.

All told, you'd be setting yourself back $88 to become Donna T. Rumpshaker on Halloween. That's a lot of money. Maybe you could just send the bill to Mexico?

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