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The HBO Now password Andy Samberg gave out at the Emmys worked — for a minute

Andy Samberg, Patron Saint of Peak TV.
Andy Samberg, Patron Saint of Peak TV.

Update: Well, we all saw this coming. The account has been effectively locked. It's hard to see if someone has locked others out or HBO shut it down, but there you have it. Keep trying at your own risk.

If nothing else comes out of the 2015 Emmys, we will at least have Andy Samberg's password for HBO Now — at least until the Internet breaks it.

Host interaction is usually minimal after the monologue, but Samberg has dutifully popped up in between categories to deliver more jokes. This one, however, has a serious followthrough. Echoing parents and college roommates the nation over, Samberg gave out "his" HBO Now email and password for others to enjoy.

Give it a shot while you can. After all: I did, and it actually worked.


Password: password1

Then again, we just refreshed the page and found a totally different profile, so who knows how long this bounty will last.

"Sam Samberg"'s HBO Now password. Hmm.

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