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New Moto 360 Watches Are Sleeker, Smarter and More Customizable

This time around, one size doesn't fit all.

The Verge

Last year, Motorola released the first smartwatch that truly turned heads, the Moto 360. A round watch in a sea of squares, the 360 looked great and became the poster child for Android Wear. But it wasn’t without issues, namely its large size, disappointing battery life and odd design details (such as those pesky internal strap mounts). Just about a year later, Motorola is taking the wraps off of its second-generation Moto 360. This time around, one size doesn’t fit all.

The new Moto 360 is actually three distinct smartwatches: A men’s version in two sizes, a women’s version and a dedicated sport version, complete with on-board GPS and outdoor-readable display. Motorola is now calling its smartwatch offerings a “collection,” a term borrowed from the fashion world that feels apt here. As with the first Moto 360, buyers will be able to customize the appearance and finishes of their watches, and this year Motorola says it has more than 300 possible combinations of looks with bands, colors, bezels and sizes all in the mix.

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