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HoloLens for Enterprise Coming 'Within the Next Year,' Microsoft Says

Later versions of the hardware are said to be on a "five-year journey."

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said today that the company’s hotly anticipated mixed reality glasses HoloLens are on a “five-year journey.”

Okay. So what does that mean?

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed today to Re/code that the first version of the smart glasses will launch “within the Windows 10 timeframe, which means that it will be available within the next year.” However, these glasses will be targeted at developers and the enterprise, so don’t get your hopes up too much, Minecraft fans.

Although the company didn’t commit to a firm release date when it announced HoloLens in January, Microsoft had previously suggested to Wired Magazine that the first edition of Hololens could come out as early as this year.

Redmond may be able to afford to take its time. The closest technology to the HoloLens glasses, being developed by mega-funded Floridian startup Magic Leap, is thought by digital reality insiders to be at least a couple years from its public debut.

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