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After $1 Million in Kickstarter Sales, NextBit Adds Verizon Option for Robin Phone

The upstart says it will offer the first 300 Verizon phones for $299, with later units selling for $349.


Aspiring smartphone maker Nextbit said Thursday that, fueled by strong demand for its cloud-first smartphone, it is adding an additional model that is designed for Verizon’s network.

The first model, which is designed for GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, has already helped the company raise upward of $1 million in Kickstarter backing, more than doubling its initial target. The company said it will sell the first 300 Verizon models for $299, with the price then going up to $349.

Nextbit initially tried to market its cloud services to other device makers and carriers, but decided earlier this year to pivot and become a phone manufacturer itself.

It faces a slew of competitors also targeting the affordable premium end of the market, including big names such as Motorola and upstarts like OnePlus and John Sculley-backed Obi.

While choosing to sell its first phone on Kickstarter to gauge demand, Nextbit already has millions in funding from Accel, Google Ventures and other investors.

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