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Apple iOS 9 Review

The future starts now.

The Verge

Apple is a mobile device company. It makes the vast majority of its money from the iPhone, and everything else it does is starting to look a little like a side hustle. The real game for Apple is in these mobile devices, and the software that runs on them is the most important software that Apple makes. That software, of course, is iOS.

But iOS is much more than just the software that runs on the iPhone. It’s the closest thing we have to seeing what Apple envisions for the future of computing; heck, CEO Tim Cook said as much on stage when he introduced the forthcoming iPad Pro.

So Apple doesn’t take it lightly, and it very rarely makes drastic or sweeping changes to it. That careful approach is in full view with iOS 9, which will be available for download for free on most iPhones, iPads and iPod touches starting today. There aren’t any major visual changes in iOS 9, especially on the iPhone, and it feels very similar to iOS 8 and even iOS 7.

That doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t been hard at work — iOS 9 is a much more stable experience than iOS 8 was when it launched, and there are a few new features here that are genuinely useful. But if you pay close attention, you can get a glimpse at the future Apple is planning for computers. And that future looks pretty great.

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